Frequently Asked Questions we receive

Here are answers to many questions we are asked. If you have additional questions, let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.
How long have you been in business?
We have been dealing and installing Lifestyle Sunrooms since 1989.
What does the sunroom sit on?
The room sits on a insulated deck system that is supported by engineered helical piles put in the ground.
What is the warranty of the sunroom?
There is a Lifetime Warranty on the rooms frame, glass, hardware.
How can I use a sunroom?
Here are just some of the many ways homeowners are enjoying using there Lifestyle sunroom.
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner room;
  • playroom for kids;
  • place to work;
  • exercise room;
  • reading room;
  • place to sew do crafts;
  • entertaining for holidays special occasions;
  • naps;
  • watch TV;
  • listen to music; and
  • ... just a great place to relax!
Why do I need a sunroom?
As homeowners, we love nothing better than relaxing in our own backyards. Spending time enjoying the great outdoors is truly refreshing. But there are draw backs such as the blazing sun in the summer with potential damage from UV rays, rain, wind and temperatures that fluctuate throughout the seasons. And seasons that can be just too short.

If we waited to enjoy the outdoors only on days that provided the perfect conditions, we could probably count the days we truly enjoyed the outdoor experience on one hand.

And of course, there’s the biggest problem of all – bugs. Insects are not just to blame for spoiled outdoor parties, picnics and evenings of romantic stargazing – they can pose serious health threats to people, especially children and seniors, as well as our pets.

The concept of the sunroom evolved out of our frustration with wanting to be outside as well as having to deal with the outdoor elements which are not always to our liking.
How much does it cost?
As a custom home improvement project, the cost of a Lifestyle Sunroom can vary depending on the room size, style, features and foundation needs.

It’s never been easier to afford a sunroom with today’s lower interest rates, attractive refinancing options and special incentive and financing packages offered to homeowners by many financing companies and banks. Call us today for a FREE quote.
Do I need a building permit?
YES and we take care of that for you. Be cautious if a company says you do not need one or if they say they will give you the drawings and you get the permit. They may not meet the building code standards and cannot get permits.
Are you with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
Yes, we have a A+ rating.
Is there a return on my investment in buying a Lifestyle Sunroom?
Homeowners choose a sunroom for the value and freedom it adds to their lifestyle, but a Lifestyle Sunroom is also a smart financial investment, adding tangible value to your home on resale.

Sunroom additions rank in the top 7 home improvement projects, according to a recent Remodelors Council report. It adds more space to the home and increases the homes’ curb appeal on resale, helping the sunroom to return what realtors estimate as 70-100% of its original investment value, depending on location and other factors.

A quality sunroom is the most important factor for determining if your sunroom will achieve a high rate of investment return. A quality sunroom also means that it will look good and last a long time, providing a lifetime of use for a one-time investment.
How long does it take to build the deck and my custom sunroom?
After you have chosen the design of your custom room, we send the information to the engineering department. They provide the drawings and engineering information to the building department to obtain a permit. The room is then manufactured in Ajax and sent to your home. This process may take 10-12 weeks but may be shorter. The actually work at your home will be complete in 3-7 days from the start.
Why invest in a Lifestyle Sunroom?
Among the many benefits and pleasures of owning a sunroom is making the most of the outdoors while eliminating almost all of the discomforts such as direct sunlight, inclement weather, insects and other drawbacks to being outside.

A sunroom is also an attractive investment option over a traditional room addition (standard roof, studs, drywall, windows, and electrical, integrated heating/cooling systems). After the deck is complete, the sunroom can be assembled and installed in a couple of days at the most – compared to the weeks or more with a traditional room addition – at a fraction of the cost? Compared to an average cost of $50,000 or more for the standard room addition, the average Lifestyle sunroom can be built for approximately 10% or less of your home value.

In addition, your Lifestyle Sunroom carries one of the strongest warranty programs in the business, which greatly increases the value of your Lifestyle sunroom, compared to many other sunrooms of lesser quality or warranty coverage.

The sunroom brings the outdoors to you with a flexible space of your own for exercise, family recreation, relaxation, a spa, computer room, the list goes on. A sunroom is a healthy addition to a relaxing and stress-free lifestyle for the entire family.

With a Lifestyle Sunroom, you’re investing in more than a sunroom…you’re investing in your health and family life. This should give you years of return on your investment and great peace of mind.
What if I already have an existing deck? Can we put a sunroom on it?
You can definitely use your existing deck provided it complies with construction code and of course it has to be level.
How big does my property have to be to install the sunroom?
In most cases you need a rear yard allowance of 7.5 meters or 25 feet from the face of the sunroom to your back property line, if not you may get a minor variance. We can arrange this for you.